Peugeot Accident Assistance available from Spire Peugeot in Hertfordshire

New Peugeots benefit from free roadside and accident assistance

You may never need your Peugeot Assistance or Peugeot Accident Assistance, but isn’t it great to know they’re there! Peugeot has an excellent reputation for producing high quality, reliable cars and, at Spire Peugeot in Hertfordshire, we always prepare and check your new Peugeot thoroughly before you drive away from our dealership. However, sometimes an issue can arise, or you may be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, and that’s where it’s great to know there’s a Peugeot-backed service ready and willing to help out.

Peugeot Assistance:

For total peace of mind, we provide 12 months’ free Peugeot Assistance through the AA, just in case something does ever go wrong. It covers you for a wide range of problems that could arise when you’re driving either in the UK or in Europe. Peugeot Assistance can be renewed after your first year and can be extended to cover other common issues such as punctures, lost/stolen keys and using the wrong fuel or running out of fuel (just call 0800 980 0681 to extend your cover).

Benefits of Peugeot Assistance include:

  • Free recovery if your Peugeot can’t be fixed at the roadside
  • Cover at home
  • Temporary replacement car
  • Cover extends for most of Europe

For Peugeot Assistance just call 0800 294 0294

Peugeot Accident Assistance

As a Peugeot owner, you can benefit from Peugeot Accident Assistance for free, just by registering. The Peugeot Accident Assistance service has a single aim and that’s to get you back on the road as soon as possible. After an accident, Peugeot Accident Assistance will deal with your insurer, sort out the repair and arrange an alternative car for you.

Take a look at these benefits:

  • Your Peugeot assessed and repaired by Peugeot-trained specialists, using genuine Peugeot parts
  • In an accident that wasn’t your fault, you’ll get a car to drive of similar engine size and car group, while yours is being repaired*
  • If you were responsible for the accident, you’ll be provided with a courtesy car
  • Your excess paid, if the accident was not your fault
  • Free advice after an accident

You can register here for Peugeot Accident Assistance. If you need assistance, just phone 0800 92 32 999

Peugeot Assistance and Peugeot Accident Assistance: keeping your Peugeot on the road.

To find out more about Peugeot Assistance or Peugeot Accident Assistance, and for full terms and conditions, please call us or send us a Peugeot Assistance and Peugeot Accident Assistance enquiry
*like-for-like is based on engine size and car group, rather than exact make and model
Peugeot Accident Assistance Terms and Conditions