Spire Peugeot Bodyshop

Spire Peugeot Accident Repair Centre: the best for your Peugeot

After an accident, you want only the best for your Peugeot. At Spire Peugeot, our accident repair centre offers you the total reassurance that your Peugeot will be repaired by properly trained Peugeot body and paint technicians, using all the repair equipment and materials recommended by Peugeot to ensure that your car really is repaired to its pre-accident condition, if not better. What’s more, we will only use genuine Peugeot parts, so your warranty will be maintained. To make everything as easy as possible for you, we’ll also provide you with an alternative car while yours is with us. Insist that you want the best for your Peugeot.

Peugeot Accident Assistance is free with your new Peugeot and cover includes:

    • Transport of your car to the nearest Peugeot Accident Repair Centre
    • Vehicle Damage assessment produced by Peugeot-trained experts and sent to your insurer
    • Repairs carried out to the highest standards, using only genuine Peugeot parts, so your warranty is maintained
    • A car provided for you to drive while yours is being repaired

Specialist accident repair: enjoy peace of mind

For more information about the Spire Peugeot Bodyshop, please call us or send us a Spire Peugeot Accident Repair Centre enquiry