Peugeot Motability Adaptations

Fitted adaptations, increasing your ease and comfort.

Around 6% of Motability customers have adaptations fitted to their cars to help make driving, or travelling, easier or more comfortable.

Simply put, adaptations cover a range of mechanical and electronic devices that can be fitted to your car to help make travelling easier. They generally either assist with accessing the vehicle, storing equipment or driving.

For many people even a simple adaptation can make motoring more comfortable or safer. In some cases it can even enable a person to drive where it would otherwise not be possible.

Examples of adaptations you can fit:

  • A key turner fitter, push button ignition
  • Electric handbrake operated by a single button
  • Extended pedals, steering wheel balls
  • Mechanical push/pull hand controls
  • Hoist to the boot, swivel seating

Discuss your case and any adaptations with the Motability Team at Spire Peugeot.

Adapt your Peugeot to suit you

To find out more about the Peugeot Motability Adaptations or to arrange a test drive, call Spire Peugeot on 01707 861711, alternatively send us a Motability Adaptations enquiry