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The Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi: a van and engine combination that works for your business

Designed for the rigours of daily working life, the Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi has been developed with a focus on robustness and quality. That has always been the case with the Peugeot Boxer, and now with the new 2.0-litre BlueHDi, it has an engine even better suited to the job. More powerful, more refined, more economical and more reliable, the new engine takes the Boxer to a whole new level. Not only that, but the Boxer is safer now too, with improved ESP systems, and it’s more user friendly, thanks to interior enhancements designed to make the Boxer an extension of your office.

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The BlueHDi engine has been thoroughly tried and tested. It has been subjected to over 10,000 hours on test benches and 1.3 million specific driving tests, while BlueHDi technology has been tried and tested on Peugeot saloons and SUVs since 2013. In other words, it’s designed never to let you down. Not only is BlueHDi considered the most effective technology for treating emissions, but it also optimises fuel consumption, with the mid-range 130hp version capable of up to 47mpg combined. Compared to the previous generation of Boxer engines, it’s faster too. There are increases in power and torque of up to 10hp and 50Nm respectively, and acceleration has improved by up to four seconds in the 0-62mph test for the 110hp version. The Peugeot Boxer saves you money too, with best-in-class fuel consumption and maintenance costs which rank amongst the lowest in its segment. Get in touch with us to discover just how much a Boxer could improve your business.

Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi
Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi

Highlights of the Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi include:

  • 110hp, 130hp and 150hp BlueHDi 2.0-litre engine range
  • 6-speed manual gearbox and Stop & Start technology across all versions
  • New ESP system specific to each Boxer variant
  • Up to 47mpg combined possible and emissions of just 154g/km of CO2 for the mid-range 130hp version
  • New storage solutions, USB connection and additional 12v sockets available

Peugeot Boxer BlueHDi: cleaner, faster and cheaper to run

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