Peugeot 308 Just Add Fuel

Peugeot 308 Just Add Fuel with Telematics, making 308 ownership more simple and safe

Peugeot’s Just Add Fuel with Telematics finance packages have been very popular since they were launched 12 months ago on the 108 and later 208 and 2008 SUV model ranges. 

Now, just in time for the 66 plate September market, it has been announced that Just Add Fuel with Telematics will be available on the 308 and 308 SW models as well*. And, to further enhance this launch, Peugeot is also offering large savings to customers who purchase a 308 or 308 SW during this period**.

Until recently, the Just Add Fuel offer had only been available to drivers aged 21 or over, but, due to telematics technology, motorists as young as 18 can now benefit from the packages. Via satellite tracking, the telematics device stores and sends data on the vehicle’s speed, acceleration, deceleration and lateral G-forces, which are then used to assess driving style and to rate each journey on a scale from 1–100. Drivers can access these records and their aggregate score via an online portal, and the insurer regularly monitors the data, providing feedback to assist their customer in improving their driving if it is deemed necessary.

Highlights of Just Add Fuel:


  • No need to budget separately for insurance, servicing, road tax and roadside assistance
  • No need to search for cheaper insurance each year – it’s fixed over the three-year term
  • Fixed price motoring for three years means complete peace-of-mind
  • A completely transparent motoring package with no hidden costs
  • The opportunity to drive a new car every three years


Peugeot 308 Just Add Fuel with Telematics: making motoring cheaper, simpler and safer

To find out more about our Peugeot 308 Telematics Offer, please call or send us a 308 enquiry

* Models excluded – GT Line Blue HDi 150, GT and GTi by Peugeot Sport 250THP & 270THP
** Not available on Access