Free Tyre Check at Spire Peugeot in Hatfield, Hertfordshire

Free tyre check at Spire Peugeot

Keeping your tyres in good condition is an essential part of safe motoring. You can carry out regular checks yourself, but at our Spire Peugeot dealership in Hertfordshire, our expert technicians are always willing to give your tyres a check and offer you advice on tyres and safety, as well as giving you an indication of when you should bring your Peugeot in to have your tyres checked again.

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Your tyres must have the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm or you could face a £2,500 fine and get three penalty points for each tyre that doesn’t meet the legal requirements. At Spire Peugeot, we recommend changing your tyres when your tread depth is less than 3mm, as even then your braking distance will have increased.

What you can do for your Peugeot tyres:

  • Check your tyre pressures every week and keep inflated to the pressure recommended in your Peugeot owner’s handbook
  • Always check your tyre pressures before any long journeys
  • Check your tyre pressures before driving your Peugeot, so your tyres are cold
  • When checking your tyre pressures, look out for any damage to your tyres or signs of uneven wear
  • Remember to check your spare wheel’s tyre too

Over-inflation, under-inflation, too much wear, uneven wear and tyre damage are all factors that our Peugeot-trained technicians will include in your free Tyre Check as they examine your car’s tyres in painstaking detail. We’ll give you a genuine appraisal of the condition of your car’s tyres and, only if required, recommend like-for-like replacement tyres.

Your Peugeot, your tyres, your safety

For advice on tyres or to arrange your free tyre check, please call us on 01707 861711 or send us a free Tyre Check enquiry
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