New SEAT Leon Cupra - The hottest hot hatch around

SEAT’s most powerful model ever, the SEAT Leon CUPRA 300 takes performance to a whole new level.

Now with even more power, the new SEAT Leon CUPRA 300 becomes the most powerful SEAT road car ever made. But it’s more than just power and ultimate performance. The Leon CUPRA 300 2017 blends this new level of performance with handling and control like never before, thanks to a range of chassis technologies that make the fastest road-going SEAT also one of the most capable around corners and the safest down any type of road. It’s what you’ve come to expect from a high performance CUPRA model, only more so.

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The 2017 Leon CUPRA’s release date is March 2017, but register your interest with us now and you’ll be the first to find out more about the model in the mean time. New technology has been introduced and existing technology refined to deliver an even more capable and well-rounded package. From the electronic self-locking front differential, designed to improve traction while at the same time delivering a more precise and relaxed steering feel, to Pedestrian Protection, which makes city driving safer and more relaxing, the new Leon CUPRA 300 is more capable in every driving environment. Even the SEAT Drive Profile has been redesigned and reconfigured, to match the car’s ultra-sporty characteristics.

More Power

With a newly uprated version of the advanced 2.0 TSI turbocharged engine, the new Leon CUPRA now boasts 300PS, making it SEAT’s most powerful road car to date. Not only is the engine 10PS more powerful than before, but, more crucially for how the CUPRA performs on the road, maximum torque has also increased by a substantial 30Nm. Now producing 380Nm, the 2017 Cupra has incredible response for real-world performance driving, down in no small part to the flexible delivery of the engine, with maximum torque produced from 1800 to 5500rpm.

More Control

The SEAT Leon CUPRA 300 will now boast SEAT’s 4Drive traction system on the ST version, paired to a double-clutch, six-speed DSG automatic gearbox. An all-wheel drive system that improves traction and control under acceleration, 4Drive technology incorporates a permanent 4x4 integral traction system with a fifth generation Haldex clutch. It means immediate responses to any driving situation, and ultimate control no matter what the road conditions.

Across the range, the new CUPRA also comes with dynamic chassis control (DCC), a progressive steering system and electronic self-locking differential that improves steering responses and feedback while at the same time improving traction at the front wheels. The dynamic qualities of the CUPRA can be adapted to the drivers’ tastes too, thanks to CUPRA Drive Profile. With four modes to choose from - Comfort, Sport, Individual and logically, CUPRA mode – a driver can chose exactly how the Leon reacts. CUPRA mode brings the ultimate in hot hatch performance, and takes the driving experience to another level.

Racetrack DNA

From its thickset stance and athletic proportions, to its 19” CUPRA alloy wheels concealing vast 340mm discs and red brake calipers, it’s obvious to see that the CUPRA 300 has been designed to perform on the racetrack as well as on the road. And this theme continues inside, with the racetrack DNA evident in the form of the sculpted CUPRA bucket seats that have been crafted not only to keep you comfortable but also firmly in place even during the hardest of cornering forces.

Driver Assist

With the latest driver assistance systems, the new Leon CUPRA is able to make driving not just faster and more exciting, in the right environment, but also easier and safer in all driving environments, from city to motorway.

  • Traffic Jam Assist – uses sensors to estimate the distance from other vehicles, and controls the acceleration, deceleration and steering to keep the Leon in its lane and flowing smoothly with surrounding traffic. The new CUPRA 300 also benefits from Adaptive Cruise Control, which performs a similar function at higher
  • speeds on dual carriageways and motorways.
  • Lane Assist – helps you remain in your lane, warning you if you start drifting into another lane and automatically correcting the car’s trajectory if no action is taken.
  • Pedestrian Protection – detects crossing pedestrians and automatically activates the brakes to avoid collisions.

Entertainment in car as well as on road

The integrated Media System Plus infotainment system of the new Leon CUPRA has an even larger eight-inch screen, and is the in-car technology highlight of this new-generation of hot hatch. It also means that for the very first time the Leon CUPRA has a Connectivity Hub, which comprises a smartphone wireless charger and a GSM antenna amplifier for areas with low signal coverage. Other infotainment technology of the new Leon CUPRA includes:

  • Navigation System High: features a super high resolution colour touch-screen display incorporating 3D map views, SEAT Full Link, 10GB jukebox, image and video viewer, SMS reader and improved voice recognition.
  • Full Link: seamlessly integrating your smartphone with your media system, syncing emails, social media and digital playlists thanks to Apple CarPlay, Google Android Auto and Mirror Link compatibility.
  • DAB radio tuner: to enjoy listening to your favourite radio station with complete clarity, in addition to AM/FM and MW functionality.

LED Technology

Bringing daylight visibility to night time driving, LED lights are smarter and more efficient than their halogen equivalents. Making use of LED technology both in the main and dipped beams, pure white light production at the front results in improved vision and less strain on a driver’s eyes, while their distinctive design adds visual flair to the Leon’s already striking front end. LED lighting at the rear means faster responding brake lights, to give drivers behind you more time to react when you brake.

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