Air Conditioning Check from Hatfield & Watford SEAT

How cool is your SEAT?

For safety and comfort, an air conditioning check is crucial. Every system on your SEAT needs to be operating efficiently and your SEAT’s air conditioning is no exception.

Not only does air conditioning keep you nice and cool all summer, but it’s also vital for keeping your windows clear of mist all year round. And when spring and the hay fever season start up, ensuring the pollen filter in your air conditioning system is clean and doesn’t need replacing is all important for many people today, although that’s only one feature of an air conditioning check at Hatfield and Watford SEAT.

Our air conditioning check includes:

  • Pollen filter check
  • Temperature check
  • Performance check
  • Leak check

Air Conditioning Check: stay cool, mist free and sneeze free!

For more information about an air conditioning check at Watford SEAT or Hatfield SEAT, or to book a check, please call Hatfield SEAT on 01707 861701, Watford SEAT on 01923 700915 or send us an air conditioning check enquiry
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