Change your SEAT’s cambelt for only £299 and you could save £2,000

Right now, we’re offering a cambelt change for your SEAT for the special price of only £299 at Watford & Hatfield SEAT in Hertfordshire. What’s more, if you book online, you’ll receive a year’s free European assistance worth £245 AND we’ll give you a free five-year, transferable warranty that not only covers your new cambelt, but also offers unlimited cover for any consequential damage to your SEAT’s engine.

It’s important to change your SEAT’s cambelt when your car reaches the recommended mileage or at least every five years. The cambelt doesn’t seem very exciting; it sits under your bonnet and does its job day after day. However, it’s a vital component that ensures your car runs properly and it’s subjected to constant stress and wear. If it isn’t replaced on time, it could fail and cause serious damage to your engine, which could cost in the region of £2,000 to repair, as well as all the inconvenience of breaking down at the roadside, so a cambelt change for only £299 is money well spent.

Cambelt change: get your timing right.

For more information about our cambelt change offer, to ask us more about what a cambelt does or to book your SEAT into our workshop, please call us or send us a SEAT cambelt change offer enquiry