Making sure your SEAT has the right rubber to keep you safe and save you money

Our SEAT tyre service ensures you have the best tyres on your SEAT, at the most competitive prices. There are very few components on your car that are as important as the tyres. Quality tyres in good condition ensure your SEAT performs as it was designed to do, and that you have enough grip to make emergency manoeuvres should the unexpected happen. We always keep a large selection of tyres for all SEAT models in stock, sourced from the top manufacturers that provide tyres for brand new SEAT vehicles.

Our SEAT tyre service includes:

  • The optimal choice of tyres for your SEAT, at the most competitive prices
  • Summer and winter tyres available for year-round performance
  • Full range of services, including puncture repair, wheel balancing and wheel alignment
  • Environment–friendly used tyre disposal service

Tyre Pressures

SEAT Tyre Pressue

SEAT recommended tyres: keeping a grip in all weathers

To discover more about SEAT tyres, call Hatfield SEAT on 01707 861701, Watford SEAT on 01923 700915, or simply send us a SEAT tyre enquiry