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SEAT warranties and extended warranties at Hatfield and Watford SEAT in Hertfordshire

Your new SEAT comes with the benefit of a number of SEAT warranties that cover you against any issues that may arise with your new SEAT. Your new SEAT has, of course, been manufactured to the highest standards and has been carefully checked by our SEAT-trained technicians at Watford SEAT or Hatfield SEAT in Hertfordshire before it leaves our showroom, but the comprehensive SEAT warranty package gives you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

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Your new Seat is covered for two years with an unlimited mileage warranty against any faults in manufacture or workmanship. We will repair your SEAT and replace any parts as necessary with genuine SEAT parts, free of charge. New parts are covered for the remaining warranty period. If you sell your SEAT, any remaining warranty is transferable to the new owner.

Please note:

  • The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to service items
  • If modifications have been made to your SEAT that have to be removed to carry out a warranty repair, you may be charged for their removal
  • The warranty on your SEAT is not affected by any change of vehicle ownership

After two years, if your new SEAT has not exceeded 60,000 miles, you have the additional benefit of a further 12 months’ warranty. This warranty expires at the end of the third year after first registration or when your SEAT reaches 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.

  • To qualify for this warranty, your SEAT must have been imported by SEAT UK and supplied through a SEAT authorised dealer

In addition to the vehicle warranty on your new SEAT, you also receive a three-year paintwork warranty from the date of registration and a 12-year warranty against perforation of the bodywork by rust. This covers you against any defects during manufacture, which will be repaired free of charge.

Please note:

  • If you discover a defect it must be reported within the warranty period and as soon as you notice it
  • The defect should not have been caused by an external influence such as accident damage; animal, bird, climatic, thermal, chemical or industrial pollution; or be due to insufficient care or maintenance

During manufacture, your new SEAT will have undergone a thorough anti-corrosion protection process for the bodywork’s internal cavities. The SEAT anti-perforation warranty gives you 12 years’ cover from first registration against rust penetration from the internal cavities to the external bodywork.

Please note:

  • The defect must be reported to an authorised SEAT dealership as soon as it is discovered
  • Any rust penetration must be reported within the warranty period and as soon as you notice it
  • The issue must not be due to insufficient care or maintenance, damage, neglect, external rusting or a previous repair to a poor standard
  • You must inform a member of the SEAT authorised network regarding any rusting immediately

When you buy your new SEAT, you can choose to take out an extended warranty to give you the same great level of cover for up to four years/75,000 miles or five years/90,000 miles, whichever comes first. What’s more, if you’re buying your new SEAT on finance, you can include the cost of your extended new SEAT warranty in your monthly finance payment. The extended warranty is exactly the same as the original manufacturer cover. Download the extended warranty booklet here.

If your SEAT warranty is about to expire or you don’t currently have SEAT warranty cover, you can take out a SEAT warranty from £159** a year, depending on your SEAT model, current mileage, cover required, excess and annual mileage. Just ask our Service Team at Watford SEAT or Hatfield SEAT and we’ll work out a warranty for you based on your exact requirements and budget.

Extended SEAT warranty benefits include:

  • 12 months' cover for the cost of replacing or repairing components
  • £0, £100 or £250 excess – you choose
  • SEAT-trained technicians and genuine SEAT parts

SEAT warranties: smooth as a SEAT

For more information about SEAT warranties and for full terms and conditions, please call us or send us a SEAT warranty enquiry