SEAT Winter Tyres


Winter tyres on your SEAT offer massive improvements in grip and reduce stopping distances once the temperature drops below 7°C. Often thought of as ‘snow’ tyres, winter or cold weather tyres on your SEAT are actually better in all winter road conditions. They don't harden like summer tyres, so offer significantly reduced stopping distances of up to 11 metres, even at low speeds. Making the difference between stopping in time - or too late.

Fit winter tyres on your SEAT and enjoy a safer drive whether it's on snow, ice, slush or surface water – all that can arrive in a typical British winter!

For more information about winter tyres, download a Winter Tyres brochure

See just how effective Winter Tyres can be, in this video:

We recommend switching to winter tyres in October and back to your summer tyres in March.

SEAT Winter Tyres: Stop in time, every time.

To learn more about SEAT Winter Tyres or to get a quote, call Hatfield SEAT on 01707 861701, Watford SEAT on 01923 700915 or simply send us a SEAT Winter Tyres enquiry