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Skoda Built in Brolly from Spirit Skoda

Rain dodgers rejoice! SKODA’s built-in brolly is now on the Citigo, Fabia and Octavia

You know that moment when you realise you’re going to have to step outside the warm, dry and comfy confines of your SKODA and into the typically cold and wet great British outdoors? Well, it shouldn’t be such a horrific prospect anymore.

That’s because integrated umbrellas, the saviour of deluge-dodging Superb drivers for more than 15 years, are now being introduced across the Citigo, Fabia and Octavia ranges as well. It’s just a continuation of SKODA’s history of offering hand-held rain protection that started with the special coach-built Superb models of the 1930s. It was the first new-era Superb of 2001 that offered the feature as standard, however, and since then the built-in umbrella has been an integral part of the model’s Simply Clever package. The current model features two brollies neatly incorporated into the front door structures and standard from SE models upwards.

Citigo and Fabia buyers will be able to enjoy this year-round protection from the rainy elements, if they too opt for SE models and upwards. Both cars are now fitted with a neat under-seat storage tray and single umbrella. Octavia buyers get to enjoy the benefits of the feature as a £25 option on SE models and above. As with the Superb’s brollies, the Citigo, Fabia and Octavia umbrellas have an anti-bacterial coating and sit in a ventilated tray with a water-repellent lining. The new umbrella systems will be available on all new Citigo, Fabia and Octavia models ordered from 8 August 2016.

Fascinating umbrella facts:


  • The word ‘umbrella’ derives from the Latin ‘umbra’, meaning shaded or shadow
  • Kersey’s Dictionary, published in 1708, describes an umbrella as a "screen commonly used by women to keep off rain"
  • The first lightweight folding umbrella in Europe was introduced in 1710 by French entrepreneur Jean Marius National
  • Umbrella Day is held on February 10 each year around the world
  • Britain on average experiences 133 days of rainfall annually, comprising 885mm of rain, hail, sleet and snow


SKODA built-in brolly: looking after owners even after they’ve left the car

To find out more about the built-in brolly feature of SKODA models, please call or send us a SKODA enquiry