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SKODA GreenLine

SKODA GreenLine improving economy and lowering CO2 emissions

All SKODA’s GreenLine and GreenTech models have super-efficient engines and a host of innovative features to reduce emissions and offer amazing fuel efficiency.

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These models all benefit from SKODA’s innovative, environmentally friendly, ‘Green Future’ engineering, including:

  • Start-stop system – automatically switches off the engine when stationary
  • Energy recovery – recharges the battery from the car’s kinetic energy
  • Gear recommendation – recommends the optimal gear for the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in any given moment
  • Brake energy recuperation – recycles the energy recovered during braking
  • Tyres with reduced rolling-resistance – higher air pressure to reduce friction
  • Specific aerodynamics – aerodynamic enhancements during vehicle design
  • Power train improvements and weight reductions – more efficient engines and lightweight materials

SKODA’s GreenLine models are the cleanest and most fuel-efficient SKODAs ever. Drive one and you’ll benefit from low or no road tax, as well as reduced fuel costs, and you’ll be more friendly to the environment.

SKODA GreenLine: efficiency just got greener 

To find out more about SKODA GreenLine or to arrange a test drive, call us on 01279 905672 or simply send us a simply send us a GreenLine enquiry