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SKODA Octavia RV-S

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15 Years of Excitement and Performance

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Built to perform in every sense, SKODA is celebrating 15 years of vRS in the UK. Looking back over previous generations of Octavia vRS and Fabia vRS, the performance brand has covered three generations of Octavia, currently the biggest range ever. The brand was also the first with the diesel Fabia vRS and the Octavia vRS still holds the international land speed record.

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SKODA has a rich sporting history with 15 years of the vRS brand in the UK. Since 2001 when the first Octavia vRS arrived in showrooms, models have continued to develop by adding more power, improving performance even further and adding excitement to everyday driving. The SKODA vRS brand is one that is true to its performance nature and is now home to the largest ever range of Octavia vRS models. Take a brief look over key models across 15 years of vRS:

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Octavia vRS MK1 2001-2006
The first modern-era ŠKODA to enter the performance market. Powered by a turbocharged 1.8-litre petrol engine generating 180PS for a top speed of 146mph. No rivals could match the Octavia vRS for a combination of value and entertainment.

Fabia vRS Mk1 (2003-2007)
The first Fabia vRS was powered by a 1.9 litre diesel producing 130PS and was capable of up to 53.3mpg combined. It defied convention and offered both efficiency and driving enjoyment with a huge 310Nm of torque.

Fabia vRS Mk2 (2010-2013)
With the MK1 Fabia vRS proving such a hit, the MK2 was given more power, excitement and value. The MK2 Fabia vRS was available with a new twin-charged 1.4 litre TSI engine producing 180PS and a paddle-shift DSG gearbox.

Octavia vRS Mk2 (2005-2013)
Powered by a 2.0-litre TSI engine with a six-speed manual transmission, it was the first production SKODA to offer 200PS. It was a remarkable achievement and so to celebrate, an Octavia vRS was prepared for a land speed record run and broke the previous record for a 2.0-litre forced induction production car by reaching a top speed of 227.080mph.

Octavia vRS Mk3 (2013-present)
A refocused Octavia vRS line up - the current generation of Octavia vRS has the largest line up yet with three engines, two body styles and for the first time the option of four-wheel drive. Petrol 2.0 TSI engines are available with either 220PS or 230PS as well as a diesel 2.0 TDI with 184PS.

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Watch the latest Octavia vRS video:

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SKODA vRS facts:

  • 20% of all Octavias in the UK are vRS
  • Almost 50,000 SKODA vRS models have been sold in the UK
  • An Octavia vRS set an international land speed record of 227.080mph in 2011
  • The v in front of vRS is actually the acute accent used on the name ‘SKODA’

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SKODA vRS: 15 years of power, performance and precision

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To find out more about the SKODA vRS range or to arrange a test drive, call us or send us a SKODA vRS enquiry