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SKODA Yeti Reviews

All-New SKODA Yeti Reviews and Road Tests

The new SKODA Yeti has been reviewed by the motoring press – and their experts have certainly been ‘impressed’! The reviews highlight the improved 4x4 system, the excellent grip and handling and new Yeti’s attractive looks and proportions.

What do motoring journalists have to say about new Yeti?

Auto Express

'Rugged off-roader looks, a great price, impressive handling and a spacious interior: the Yeti has it all... Great value price, practical interior, efficient engines.'

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'There’s very little discernible body roll, plenty of grip and a compact footprint to help along a bushy-tailed sense of agility.'

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The Telegraph

'While Himalayan residents might disagree, there can be few things as perfectly proportioned as a Yeti. The Yeti continues to prove that driving an SUV can be fun and doesn’t have to make you look like an environmental squander bug.'

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Car Magazine

'The Yeti’s utilitarian charm offers extra likeability versus a [Nissan] Qashqai. Here’s a facelift onlookers will actually notice without parking the new Yeti alongside its predecessor!'

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New SKODA Yeti: Ready for anything

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