Spirit SKODA

The unique SKODA ‘Octavia for a day’ test drive

The SKODA Octavia test drive with several hours extra. To find out more about the SKODA Octavia or the Octavia 24-hour test drive, please send us a SKODA Octavia enquiry.

Send us an Octavia 24 hour test drive enquiry

There’s no need to hurry, no need to rush, you can have a SKODA Octavia to test drive for a whole day. Try it for size in your garage, see how it looks outside your house, try it on the school run, take it out for lunch, let it rip on the motorway, whatever you want to do really*. You’ll have time to appreciate the Simply Clever storage solutions, the comfort and the class-leading luggage capacity, as well as being able to try out some of the driver assistant systems. You can choose to test drive the Octavia Hatch or the Estate, or both. After 24 hours, you’ll really only just be starting to appreciate why the new SKODA Octavia is the 2015 What Car? Best Family Car.

To book your 24-hour SKODA Octavia test drive, you only have to fill in this form...