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SKODA Service Promise - Helping you stay safe on the road

SKODA Service Promise: Helping to keep you safe on the road

With our Service Promise at Spirit SKODA, we pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction to ensure that owning your SKODA is an easy and enjoyable experience. You can entrust your car to Spirit SKODA for servicing, repair and routine maintenance, and in the event of any damage to your vehicle after an accident.

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More about the SKODA Service Promise:

Regular Service inspections

To keep your SKODA in great condition for many years, it’s important to bring it in for regular inspections. You can find information about service intervals in your SKODA’s Service Book.

Oil changes

Regular oil changes are essential for your SKODA. Quality oils and SKODA Genuine oil filters will guarantee you a smooth running, long lasting engine.

SKODA Express Service

For selected service tasks (such as oil changes, replacement of brake discs etc.) we can offer repairs while you wait. For truly fast repairs, please make an appointment in advance.

Battery service

Have your SKODA’s battery condition checked at Spirit SKODA to ensure your car will always start, whatever time of year.

Vehicle washing and interior cleaning

We can valet your SKODA, inside and out, so it’ll look good as well as being technically sound.

Seasonal offers

We have seasonal offers to help you prepare and remain safe all year round.

Air conditioning service

Keep your air con working well and enjoy comfort on all your journeys, all year round. At Spirit SKODA, we’re fully equipped to service and maintain your air con system in perfect working order.

Steering geometry

Incorrect steering geometry on your SKODA can cause uneven and premature tyre wear, affect handling and reduce your driving pleasure. Bring your car into us at Spirit SKODA and we can check and adjust the geometry to have your SKODA driving like new.

SKODA Genuine Parts

At Spirit SKODA, we will only use SKODA Genuine Parts, identical to those used during the production of your car, to ensure safety, reliability and long life.

Body and paint service

We can care for and refinish the paintwork on your SKODA, restoring it to its former beauty, based on the technical guidelines set by SKODA and with the use of SKODA Genuine Parts where necessary.

SKODA Clever Repair

For any minor damage to your SKODA’s body, glass, upholstery or plastic components, we can often repair the damaged parts without having to replace them – that’s SKODA Clever Repair!

SKODA Service Promise: helping you on the road

For all your SKODA Servicing and maintenance requirements, call us on 01279 905672 or send us a Servicing Enquiry