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ŠKODA’s Simply Clever Solutions

ŠKODAs are designed to make your life easier with a range of ‘Simply Clever’ features. Discover the smart thinking inside the latest ŠKODA models with our selection of ŠKODA Simply Clever videos. From the ever-useful Virtual Pedals to the handy Ice Scraper, explore ŠKODA’s host of simple solutions to everyday problems.

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Virtual Pedals

Hands full? Don’t worry. With the Virtual Pedal, open your ŠKODA’s boot with absolute ease. Simply move your foot close to the sensor located under the rear and the boot will automatically pop open.

Inbuilt Umbrella

Let’s face it, it rains quite a lot in this country. So what better feature than one that protects you from the elements, even when you step outside the car? With an inbuilt umbrella, your ŠKODA continues to protect you every step of your journey – even when you’re on foot.

Easy Open Cup Holder

With the Easy Open Cup Holder, you can open your bottle with one hand, with no mess or compromise on safety. The adhesive rubber base ensures your bottle stays in position, allowing you to open and close it effortlessly with just one hand.

Ice Scraper

Remove that morning ice with your ŠKODA’s handy Ice Scraper. Found behind the little door that covers the fuel tank cover, get rid of that ice before you drive.

Bag Hook

Keep your bag upright and your boot tidy with the simple, yet effective, Bag Hook. Or keep your bag in reach and upright with the handle of the glove compartment on the front passenger side, which doubles up as a handy bag holder.

Multimedia Device Interface

Listen to all your favourite songs with ŠKODA’s Multimedia Interface. Using the simply clever in-car systems, you can connect your MP3 player or iPod via USB and auxiliary ports, as well as Bluetooth.

1.5 Litre Bottle Holder

Can’t find a place for your bottle? ŠKODA’s 1.5 litre Bottle Holder makes life easier. With a special space in the front door panel to store a 1.5 litre bottle, you can safely place your bottle without it getting squashed and it’s at the ready for when you need to quench your thirst.

Ticket Holder

Never worry about your ticket placement again with ŠKODA’s Simply Clever Ticket Holder. Found on the side of your windscreen within easy reach of the driver, never lose your car park ticket again.

Corner Light

Easily navigate dark twisting corners with the ŠKODA cornering front fog light. Uncover those unseen dangers or obstacles on the road with the automatic rotating headlamp. It’s such a simply clever way to protect you and your family.

Boot Net

Keep things where you want them with the ŠKODA’s boot net. With the elastic netting, you no longer have to clutter the back seat, but instead you can store everything tidily in the boot.

Velcro Holders

Got a precious load not suitable for the boot nets or other ingenious ŠKODA storage solutions? Simply surround it within the protective boundaries of the Velcro Holders that secure firmly to the boot floor, and you’re ready to go.

Rubbish Bin

Keep the inside of your ŠKODA spick and span all the time, with rubbish bins that swallow the unsightly detritus of daily motoring life. Then, when you’re ready to tidy up, simply unclip the bin and empty it out.

Simply Clever ŠKODA Technology: we understand life’s everyday little challenges

To find out more about the range of Simply Clever solutions, please call or send us a ŠKODA cars enquiry