VW Amarok Hardtops

Hard to top – add extra versatility to your Amarok with a Hardtop

Available in a wide range of colours, the new range of Amarok hardtops add even more versatility to your pick-up. Covering the rear loading area to create a secure space, a hardtop transforms your Amarok from open-air pick-up to an even more versatile vehicle with the ability to lock away tools and other items you may be transporting.

Available in RS hardtop and Utility hardtop styles, the new Truckman range of hardtops come in a choice of colours to match your Amarok, offering a practical yet stylish storage solution. Differing from the current GLS and Grand hardtops, the RS and Utility have been designed for commercial use and offer a robust and secure addition to the rear of the Amarok.

The RS hardtop includes an integrated spoiler, a non-drill clamp fitting and solid sides. It sits at the same height as the cab for a sleek finish and combines the workability of a commercial hardtop with the styling of a leisure hardtop. The rear access glass door is also tinted and strengthened for added security.

New Amarok Hardtops Photos:

With gull-wing side doors and a wash-clean interior, the Utility hardtop is incredibly diverse and ideal for commercial use. It also includes a strengthened roof that allows for additional storage with racking.

Both new Amarok hardtops are available to order from Volkswagen Van Centre (Hatfield).

VW Amarok Hardtops: practical by design

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