New VW Transporter Chassis Cab in blank canvas or factory spec

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Blank canvas or factory spec – choose your VW Transporter Chassis Cab

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Enhancing the superb sixth-generation Transporter line-up, the new VW Transporter Chassis Cab comes in both single and double cab versions and gives businesses the opportunity to create a load space specific to their needs. Alternatively, the new VW Transporter Chassis Cab can be ordered direct from the factory with a drop-side body.

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Mounted on the long wheelbase version of the new VW Transporter, the single chassis cab variant can take a 1,339kg payload, whilst the double cab variant can accommodate up to six passengers. Available with either a 6-speed manual or 7-speed DSG transmission, the new VW Transporter Chassis Cab comes with BlueMotion Technology, which includes Start/Stop, regenerative braking and low rolling resistance tyres.

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Some of the highlights of the new VW Transporter Chassis Cab:

  • DAB+ digital radio
  • 5” touchscreenBluetooth phone connectivity and USB connection
  • Automatic Post-Collision Braking system
  • Factory specification drop-side bodies offer either 5.2m2 in single cab form or 4.2m2 in double cab form

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New VW Transporter Chassis Cab: setting the benchmark for quality and practicality

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To find out more about how your business could benefit from the new VW Transporter Chassis Cab, please call us or send us a VW Transporter Chassis Cab enquiry