VW Multivan PanAmericana Concept, all the details available at VW van Centre Hatfield

Volkswagen unveils the Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana concept at the Frankfurt International Motor Show

Are you a globetrotter? Off-roader? Or in this case – a competitive racer? The concept of the new Multivan PanAmericana limited edition is to allow you to conquer these diverse worlds by combining the comfort of the Multivan with the off-road capabilities of an SUV.

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Serving as a magnificent transport vehicle for cargo loads of nearly any type or size, this impressive Volkswagen concept delivers not just impeccable comfort and off-road capabilities but unrivalled cargo space. At a first glance you can clearly recognise this limited edition Multivan by the PanAmericana badge at the rear and on the B-pillar, the radiator grille and the styling line above the side sill in Flash red and black. The distinctive wheel-arch mouldings and flared side sills as well as the sturdy lightweight metal underbody ensure a sporty yet protected silhouette.

Internally, you can expect swathes of white and carbon-look decorative strips which combine with the rugged ‘Clip’ upholstery and protective aluminium diamond plate flooring in the passenger compartment. Exclusive to the PanAmericana concept is the ability to transport your valuable motorcycle in the safety of the Multivan’s interior. This is made possible by the electrically assisted loading and unloading ramp and interior mounting hooks. So whether you’re discovering your favourite Alpine pass or racecourse, you can deliver your motorcycle to your next destination in perfect condition.

The Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana Concept:

  • Transport your motorcycle conveniently and safely with the electrically assisted loading and unloading ramp
  • The limited edition Multivan unites the comfort of the Multivan with the off-road capabilities of an SUV including 4MOTION all-wheel drive
  • Distinctive concept styling features with the PanAmericana badge found across the vehicle
  • The interior includes a mix of sophisticated yet rugged materials to illustrate the versatility of this concept.

The Volkswagen Multivan PanAmericana concept. Multivan comfort. SUV performance.

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