VWCV Crafter Vans, adapted for and used by the RSPCA

RSPCA take delivery of six new specially designed VW Crafter Vans

Cleverly converted to suit the needs of the animal welfare charity, the new vans have undergone a whole range of changes illustrating the true versatility of the VW van range.

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Each Crafter has been wrapped in the colourful winning designs of school children who were challenged to produce them as part of a nationwide campaign. The modifications to the Crafter vans have been more than just visual however, as they also incorporate a whole host of interior changes. Fitted with nine tailored cages ranging in size to suit whatever animal is rescued, the RSPCA are equipped to tackle any rescue situation. Sealed with a spray-on waterproof liner and fitted with a ‘Flettner Ventilator’ on the roof, each van ensures the load space stays clean and the animals have a constant stream of fresh air. By working closely with the RSPCA, the design of these new bespoke vans is set to save the charity around £800,000 a year as well as reduce the fleet’s environmental impact. The 2.0-litre TDI 136 PS BlueMotion engines will ensure that running costs stay low and so do CO2 emissions, as they are capable of 39.8 mpg and only produce 187g/km of CO2 emissions. As stated by Chris Black, Head of Fleet for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, the modified RSPCA tailored Crafter vans show that VW “products are of outstanding quality that are flexible and can be tailored to a business’s bespoke needs.”

Highlights of the bespoke VW Crafter:

  • Fitted with nine bespoke cages with removable partitions
  • The roof is fitted with a ‘Flettner Ventilator’ to provide the animals with fresh air at all times
  • The 2.0-litre TDI 136 PS BlueMotion engine is capable of 39.8 mpg

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