Service options available at the VW Van Centre, Hatfield

VW van servicing options available at VW Van Centre (Hatfield)

We offer a range of flexible service and maintenance options to meet the needs of every business. Your priority is to keep your van on the road, and that’s our priority too. At VW Van Centre (Hatfield), we understand the needs of our business users, so we can also help you plan your servicing and maintenance, whilst also protecting you from the risk of inflation.

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Monthly payments

Whether you have one VW van or a fleet of VW vans, we can offer you a monthly payment plan to cover your servicing costs. You can choose our Service Only Plan, our Service and Maintenance Plan, or our Service, Maintenance and Tyres Plan.

Upfront payments

Our Full Service Bundle and Interim Service Bundle allow you to pay for more than one service in advance and you get a discount on our already highly competitive, standard service rate.

Pay on demand

Total flexibility by servicing your VW van when you want and paying on demand. To maintain your van’s reliability, please ensure you continue to bring your van into us for servicing at VW’s recommended service intervals.

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Business orientated servicing options at VW Van Centre, (Hatfield)

To find out more about VW van servicing options, give us a call on 01707 240624 or send us a VW van servicing options enquiry