Free VW van valuation services from VW Van Centre (Hatfield), find out the value of your VW van

A valuation service for your VW van from your VW specialists

Whether you require a valuation for insurance purposes, asset valuation or because you are planning to sell or trade-in, the VW Van Centre can help.

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We offer a specialist valuation service, specifically aimed at the business user, whether you are an individual or a fleet manager, because we know just how important an accurate valuation on your van or your fleet can be.

We understand that you can’t afford errors in your business, so all our valuation staff are specialists with many years’ experience in producing accurate valuations. To carry out an accurate valuation can be challenging for the inexperienced, due to the number and variety of body shapes and modifications that are possible and available. That’s why it pays to have your van valuation taken care of by the experts at the VW Van Centre (Hatfield). And our valuations are free!

Expert VW van valuations by VW light commercial vehicle specialists

To arrange for a valuation on your VW van or VW van fleet, please call us on 01707 861704 or send us a VW van enquiry